Kiss of the Damned

After a handsome young screenwriter falls for a gorgeous, seductive vampire, their wild romance seems destined for the ages - until the appearance of her cruel, sex-crazed sister threatens to unravel it all. Director: Alexandra Cassavetes


“Cassavetes can film an erotic encounter worthy of the 1970s and the golden age of sex scenes, and that is no small compliment these days.” 

- Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post


“A surprisingly persuasive allegory for enduring virgin-whore expectations” 

- Eric Hynes, Timeout


“An intoxicatingly lusty homage to old school horror... The movie weaves an intoxicating spell, one that is unlike anything else at the festival, and rarely seen outside of shopworn VHS tapes of old European horror movies”

- Drew Taylor, IndieWire

“A sly tongue-in-cheek tribute to old-school horror films... Rapacious lovers of cult cinema will sink their fangs into this”

- Leslie Felperin, Variety